“Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?” “Whither goest thou?” echoed Dean with his mouth open. We sat and we didn’t know what to say; there was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go.

(Jack Kerouac, On The Road)

Our Trip

It’s always been a dream, but now the time of talking, planning, dreaming is making way for the time of doing. From August 23rd 2008 until November 5th, I shall be going to tour America with my brother. We start from Miami, head up to Virginia, go through New Jersey then stop in NYC. The next part of the trip takes us up to Boston, and from there, as all good ramblers eventually must, we head west. Clear across the top of the states, over the Rockies, then cross over into British Colombia. Finally, we cut down to Texas and Mexcico via San Fran, and head back East through New Orleans, up to Nashville, and back to Miami.

On the way, through this Blog I’ll be writing about what we see, the trip, the experience, the people, and I hope to lend some color to it all with photographs.

Why do all this? Hell, just for the sheer unadulterated pleasure of doing it; firmly clinging to the belief that loving life and the world means finding out about that same life and world as much as one can.


The Blog

This is intended as a journal describing the factual essence of America interpreted through my eyes. I will try in my way to put the reality to paper with as much truth and excitement as my abilities allow.

Please feel free to post comments here in accordance with the site’s one guideline.


The Site’s One Guideline

Anonymity and technological distance often give people the seeming impunity to say things which in public, or which in conversation with others, they would not say. I ask all posters here to write only the things they would be happy to say to someone face-to-face or in public.

The Author