Mapping It Out

It took hours. Days even. Where shall we stop? How long will the money last? Will we die of thirst in that vast desert? Eventually we got the route planned out.

It’s a pretty vast one. About 8000 miles. But like this we were able to plan in all those places you hear about, you dream about, you see in the movies. It’s more than a coast-to-coast, it’s a corner to corner (to corner, to corner).

Once you start figuring out a trip like this, you start off just thinking about all those most famous of places… New York, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon. But when you get down to it all the extra points of interest start springing up; just look over a map and see. “Oh, well, we can’t really go through Florida without seeing the space flight stuff, can we?”, or “We could just take a little detour here and see Blue Ridge Mountain…” it goes on and on and before you know it, you come to the end and say “Damn! We forgot to put Memphis on the list!”

I’m guessing we’ll see most of the places, but I don’t want to be too beholden to a rigid plan. And besides… there’s always something to go wrong, so why be too precise about it? If we’re there seeing things, meeting people, I’ll be happy.

As long as I get to see Graceland….



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4 responses to “Mapping It Out

  1. Remember to take clean underpants and dont talk to any strange girls!!!

  2. americanfootsteps

    thank you mother… but if I don’t talk to strange girls wouldn’t that negate the need for clean underpants?

  3. lil sister

    brilliant website… lol that was mean of mum to spoil ur brand new thingy.. =s
    u better be careful wen u two go… miss u love u
    sarah x

  4. Zoe

    This is so good..already looking forward to travelling vicariously through it.
    ‘Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?’
    Have a lush trip – and make sure your car/coach/bicycle is shiny at all times.
    Zoe X

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